House and apartment interiors reflect the tastes and aesthetics of their occupants, hopefully. Our homes are the outer manifestation of what goes on inside our heads. As above, so below – that kind of stuff, if you get my meaning. Designing the perfect home interior, should by its very nature, be a labour of love and a natural extension of ourselves. The only people who do not get the opportunity to decorate their own living spaces, to any great extent, are incarcerated prisoners, religious monks and nuns, and refugees. Beautifying our domiciles in our own conceptions of what we find attractive is an essential part of making a home.

Perfecting Your Home Décor

For many of us, perfecting your home décor is an instinctive thing. For some, it is a more methodical and reasoned pathway. Whether your house is decorated via intuitive choices or through the study of designer magazines, it is ultimately about you. The term House Therapy has been coined by those in the psychology camp to describe the interconnectedness of the process, between self and abode. The link between what exists within our minds, our personalities, and the manifestations played out on our walls, floors and furnishings.

External Environments Change in Response to Changes Within

The centrepiece of the dining room has something to say about who you are. Its size, design, and capabilities communicate things about your character. Before and afters, those makeovers and renovations, will stand testament to shifts within yourself and your values. Your external environment changes in response to changes occurring within. Psychologists are aware of these synchronistic relationships between the material and the intangible. Designing the perfect home interior, is to take into account the ever-evolving person you are. This is why we do not live inside museums, because stagnation is death.

The Dining Room Table is Where Loved Ones Gather

Your kitchen and dining room are akin to your own café, in holistic terms. These are the places and spaces within your home that you replenish your family, partner and self. The kitchen is like the engine room, where elements of fire, water, earth and air are alchemically brought together to transmute and transform substances. The dining room table is where loved ones gather to share good food, drinks and conversation. A place to, perhaps, make sense of the world for family and with friends.  Designing the perfect home interior is a constant work in progress, a labour of love.