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Educational Videos

Attract your audience with useful and educative content!

Educational videos are meant to inform and educate your audience about the problems they are
experiencing (pain points). Positioning your brand as an expert in your industry and driving organic views.



Why should you use an Educational video?

The goal of learning videos is to put your brand in organic searches easily which will drive more visitors. Creating educational content for your audience will help them understand their problems and position your brand as a reference in your industry which will drive new visitors to your website and social media channels saving thousands of dollars in advertising. These are just some of the benefits of having Educational Videos:

+ Attract more visitors to your website
+ Save thousands of dollars in free advertising
+ Position your brand as the reference in your industry
+ Position organically in Search Engines (boost SEO)
+ Generate trust

Where can you use Educational Videos?

Being educational, these types of videos are more shareable so they are ideal to be used on social media, blog, guestblogging and so on.
Use them on:

+ Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…)
+ Landing pages
+ Guest Blogging
+ Blog posts

Where does it fit into your Video Sales Funnel?

Learning Videos are placed at the Top of the Sales Funnel or TOFU (Awareness Stage) because their main goal is to attract more visitors leading them into your funnel and generate brand awareness as well. Keep in mind that they are not ready to buy from you yet, they are just looking for help to their problem. It’s your job to nurture them with more content and push them through the funnel until they are ready to buy.


What are the steps in making animated commercial videos?

We'll process a deep research to analyze your branding and offer the best styling solutions for you. We will also PROVIDE the structure of the promoted content in order to offer the best solutions based on your needs.
Once we're clear on styling, our experienced scriptwriters will start processing voice over script based on your needs and video length. You will run through the whole process with the scriptwriter and will process any revisions if needed.
When script is finished, our team of illustrators will start processing hand drawn sketches of your story. We'll present characters and environments as a sketch storyboard. Once sketch is approved, we'll also create colored storyboards.
We have the voice over talents to match your needs and desires with broad selection of tones and styles. You will have an option to review and choose a voice over you like the most. There are more than 20 options available.
Animation is the most comprehensive stage. Here the drawings and sketches become a form of contemporary art which will amaze your audience, engage them to take action and drive you more leads and sales.
When the animation team finishes video production, our sound engineers will process music and sound design. By default we'll offer licensed music from third parties, but for advanced videos we can also offer custom composing.
After processing all stages, we'll deliver your video. Now its your turn to start using it in your marketing campaigns and compare the increase in your conversion rates. Videos do act better than any other form.

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