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We’ll deliver stunning designs that maximize your budget and space while reaching milestones. Our talented designers work in the following areas:

Office Design: Maybe you’ve found a new lease for your commercial workplace, or maybe you’re committed to a long-term lease and want to upgrade the interior design to better fit the lease for your business!

Retail Design: A major goal is to make a sale. Our retail designers take the time to understand every element of your business, products and services to enhance the retail experience and customer engagement.

Multi-Residential Design: For development projects in partnership with boutique and large developers. Our established interior designers take the time to understand your development’s desires and market demographics by building concepts that respond to these unique needs.

Hospitality Design: Knowing the interior of your new cafe, restaurant or bar is our first step in understanding your vision and functional requirements for the venue.

From refurbishment to full refurbishment, we’ve got you covered. Let us express your corporate vision through innovative design.

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MGP10 timber

MGP10 Structural Machine Grade Pine for framing

Australian builders have been using pine framing for decades, and it is preferred over other structural materials due to its strength, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and flexibility. Today’s pine frames come from renewable, sustainably managed, Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified plantations. Structural pine framing is common in residential and commercial buildings. Through technological advancements, machine grading ensures that the quality of each stick is guaranteed, graded and tested to Australian standards. Structural pine is available in MGP10 and MGP12 stress classes.

Applications: Framing & General Construction

Machine-graded pine is mainly produced using artificial pine as well as sustainably managed forests. Each product is manufactured to Australian standards. The available construction grades are MGP10 and MGP12. Machine graded pine is available as untreated as well as H2F blue termite treatment for areas south of the Capricornus tropics and H2 red termites for areas north of the Capricornus tropics.

What is MGP wood?

MGP stands for Machine Grading Pine and is a system used for certain pine trees, especially Radiata Pine, Slash Pine, and Caribbean Pine.

What is MGP10 wood used for?

H2-treated pine is specially treated to prevent borers and termites and is suitable for indoor, above-ground use only. Buy online and collect in store.

What kind of wood is MGP10?

Machine graded pine MGP, MGP10 to MGP15: For example MGP10 represents a minimum threshold of 10,000 MPa for stiffness properties. Most exotic plantation softwoods (pine species) are graded using this system.


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